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The Standard Home Inspection 


The Standard Home Inspection is a complete home inspection following the Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors as prescribed by New York State
A Home inspection is a visual examination of a Home. It provides information in report form regarding the systems and components of the home that can be seen. ​​

The Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors defines it this way; "Home inspectors shall observe and report on readily accessible, visually observable installed systems and components". 

It is important to understand that home inspections are visual inspections. Home Inspectors are trained in the process of visually examining a home. There are some tools that may be used in the process of evaluating some systems or components. 

The systems of the home, such as the Plumbing System and the Heating System are examined. The components of the home, such as the Windows and the Doors are also examined. There are actually hundreds of items that get inspected. 

All the home systems and components that can be observed are identified in the Home Inspection Report. The condition of each system and component is also described.

The Report can be used to understand which home elements need maintenance scheduled or funding for replacement. 
​My Standard Home Inspection includes the following:
  1. Roof
  2. Site Conditions
  3. Home Exterior
  4. Garage
  5. Basement and/or Crawl Space
  6. Plumbing System
  7. Heating System
  8. Cooling System
  9. Electrical System
  10. Home Interior
  11. Laundry Room
  12. Kitchen
  13. Dining Room
  14. Living Room
  15. Bedrooms
  16. Bathrooms
The New York State Code of Ethics and Regulations for Home Inspectors and the Standard of Practice for Home Inspectors can be found at:​​
It is important for you to know, I only schedule one inspection per day. ​​My client is the main priority for the day of the inspection. I will not not rushed through an inspection. 

There will be enough time to inspect the home and evaluate your concerns. The Standard Home Inspection should take between 3 and 5 hours, provided there is smooth sailing. The size and condition of the home can also be a time factor. Larger home have more to inspect and a home in poor condition requires more detailed report commentary.
The Standard Home Inspection is provided for a home that has a maximum size of 2000 square feet, a maximun age of 75 years and a maximum distance of 40 miles from the Mid-Hudson Bridge.

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