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Home Inspection Articles

These Inspection Articles are provided for the Homebuyer and Homeowner. There are some great articles generated by InterNachi, as well as an EPA Document on Radon. The selections here are geared towards First TIme Home Buyers, however the information is for anyone wanting to know more about these subjects. 
To Buy or To Rent
VA Loan Basics
Mold, Moisture and Your Home
USDA Loans
Home Insurance Tips
Your Water Heaters Maintenance TImeline
Electricity 101 - Understanding the Service Panel
Three Mistakes Every Home Buyer Should Avoid
Electrical Safety
Table of Insulation Types
Attached Garage Fire Hazards
Speed Up Your Home Inspection
A Citizens Guide to Radon - EPA - 2016

Information, Organizations and Associations for the Home Owner

The Associations and Website Links in this section provide information regarding building materials, systems and components. These links are provided for your edification, the standards described may not have been in effect during the time period that your home was constructed. Building codes are updated every few years, and have greater requirements with each update. Portions of the home that have been renovated should conform to the standards that were in place at the time of the renovation.  Home Inspectors are trained to visually inspect and report on the materials, systems and components of the home.