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The Coverall Home Inspection 


The Coverall Home Inspection combines the Standard Home Inspection with Radon Testing of the home and Bacteria Testing of the Drinking Water.
Please see The Standard Home Inspection for all that includes. Also please see The Standard Plus Radon Home Inspection for an understanding of the Radon Test of the home. 

I recommend testing a private well for bacteria before closing on a home. 
The water test reports either "PRESENT" or "ABSENT" in regard to Total Coliform and E.Coli in the water, at a level that determines acceptable EPA drinking water standards.

If you have a private well, having your drinking water tested is a wise decision.

Testing the Drinking Water of the Home for Coliform/E. Coli is important. The water test is performed by a water testing laboatory using a sample of the water obtained during the home inspection.

Collecting a sample of water from a faucet in the home is a fairly simple process. The stainer or screen should be removed from the faucet if possible and the faucet disinfected with an alcohol wipe. The water is then run for 5 minutes so that fresh water can be collected. The collection bottle is a sealed bottle provided by the water testing company.

The water sample is refrigerated and delivered to the water testing laboratory within 24 hours of the collection time. The water report is usually avialable within a few days.