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Commercial Property Inspection

Approximate Square footage rate for Commercial Property Inspections, there can be many variations in Commercial Properties, therefore the rate is variable. Please call for a rate regarding your specific property. A minimum charge for Commercial Property Inspections is required, however I will work with you to provide the best possible pricing arrangement.

$0.10 - $0.50

​​Commercial Property Inspections are similar to Home Inspections, although there are some significant differences. The New York State Department of State does not regulate Commercial Property Inspections. The Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors is the standard for Residential Buildings but does not include requirements for Commercial Property Inspections. Now keep in mind that (taking a line from the Home Inspections Standards), “inspectors shall observe and report on readily accessible, visually observable installed systems and components”. Commercial Property Inspections and Home Inspections are both visual inspections. The Standards of Practice for Home inspectors is a practical point to begin to understand a Commercial Property Inspection. There are other building elements, components and systems that need to be addressed for a commercial property.

The Building Code is a great outline for the purposes of identifying building elements and components that may need to be itemized and addressed. Some of these building components and systems are beyond a visual inspection, but others can be observed and therefore inspected. The building use and construction type helps identify concerns and questions that are specific to that particular building as it is intended to be used. A warehouse differs from a restaurant which differs from an office. And steel building construction differs from masonry construction, and so on.
​​The local building department and county health department may need to be involved with your commercial building. Is your commercial building currently being used as you also intend to use it? Are there current approvals for that use? Commercial kitchens require Health Department approval. Industrial and commercial electrical may require a separate electrical Inspection. It is important to be aware of the various agencies involved in your industry and therefore your building.

My experience includes the design, building engineering and construction progress review on commercial buildings. This provides a solid foundation for understanding your commercial building. I have designed ADA compliant rest rooms and commercial building code compliant egress systems. Commercial building inspections are not necessarily building code compliance inspections, however it is a benefit for me and for you that I have performed building code compliance on commercial buildings. You will want this type of background for your commercial inspection.

I would be pleased to discuss the opportunity to provide a commercial building inspection for you and your business associates. As with the Home Inspection side of this business, I will be "in your service"!