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Additional Services/Charges

$140.00            Charge for a Stand-alone Single Radon Test (without other inspection services).

​  $40.00            Additional charge for each additional Radon Test

​​$190.00            Charge for a Stand-alone WDO Inspection (without other inspection services).

​  $50.00            Additional charge for homes older than 75 years.

​  $50.00            Additional charge per 1000 square feet for homes between 2000 and 5000 square feet

  $40.00            ​Additional charge for homes located more than 40 miles from the Mid-Hudson Bridge.

  $30.00            Charge for each additional electric panel, either a service or a distribution panel.

  $30.00            Charge for each additional HVAC system.

​$100.00            Water Test Additional Charge #1 - Total Coliform/E Coli 28-48 hour presence/absence Test.

$150.00            Water Test Additional Charge #2 - Homeowners Short FHA Package.

$150.00            ​​Charge for a Re-Inspection due to conditions that interupted/stop the home inspection​
The Standard Home Inspection is provided for a home that has a maximum size of 2000 square feet, a maximun age of 75 years and a maximum distance of 40 miles from the Mid-Hudson Bridge.

Other than a detached garage, additional buildings or apartments in the same building with separate living quarters are charged as an additional Home Inspection.
Water tests are only offered as an added service to a home inspection and may not be ordered as a stand-alone service.

Some municipalities require that the Water Test Laboratory take the samples for the Dutchess County Testwell Series. This is an reasonable guideline and I recommend the same approach for all locations.