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My name is Don Veeder. I am a New York State Licensed and InterNachi Certified Home Inspector. I also have an Associates Degree in Architecture, and have been involved in the design, engineering and building of hundreds of homes. 

My understanding of the Home is practical in nature. This has provided a unique filter for me as I inspect a home. The experience I have in construction has provided me with the understanding of how homes are built. Having worked in the engineering and design of homes has provided me with the understanding of why homes are designed with specific guidelines. It is important to know how and why various aspects and components of a home should be constructed or maintained in a certain manner. My background and experience will be a benefit to a home buyer like you. 

I am happy to offer this home inspection service to the home buyer that understands my experience is an advantage for them. I provide a complete Home Inspection and thorough Home Inspection Report.

That is how I work. My duty is to my Client. I am responsible to the home buyer that hires me.

If you hire me, I will be "In Your Service".
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I schedule one Home Inspection per day - You are my Top Priority!
About Home Inspection Reports
About My Report
​​​The format or style of the Home Inspection Report can be a challenging subject. The use of an industry standard report format is usually required by the inspector's insurance company. There are various companies that offer industry standard report writing systems. 

Originally, when reports were written by hand on a clip board, the home inspector would complete a checklist in an industry standard booklet with duplicate pages that were able to be pulled out and bound together. The home inspection report was the final bound pages, sometimes given to the client at the end of the inspection. 

Today, it is common for a home inspector to have a tablet with industry standard home inspection reporting software. As the home inspection progresses the report is filled out on the tablet. Photographs can be taken with the tablet and added to the report. The final report is often provided to the client in PDF format. 

Essentially there are two distinct styles of report writing. The Checklist Report and the Narrative Report. It is important to understand the advantages that come with each type. 

The Checklist Report style is as the name states. It has a list of the home components, systems and items that must be checked for a complete home inspection. The advantage is that nothing gets missed. There are several hundred items to be inspected during a home inspection. All while climbing ladders, discussing concerns and watching out for safety issues for everyone present. The Checklist style provides a clear indication that a required inspection item was inspected.

The Narrative Report style gives the inspector an opportunity to explain the home components and systems in short commentaries. The advantage is that the report is easy to read through. Many of the narratives are pre-written since similiar component and system conditions are frequently found in homes. Some narratives are composed during the inspection. The Narrative style gives the inspector more freedom and greater responsibility. All items in the "Standards of Practice" still need to be inspected. 

Report delivery is another point of discussion. Some inspectors give the report to the client immediately following the inspection. Other inspectors deliver a report to the client within a few days. The "Standards of Practice" for New York State requires the report to the client within five business days. 
​​​My Home Inspection Report includes the benefits of both report writing styles. The framework of my report is the Checklist style. That way, with several hundred items to inspect, I know and you know that nothing was missed.

Additionally, I include Commentary and Narratives in my report to further explain component or system conditions, concerns or issues. I feel this is my opportunity to help you further understand the home I am inspecting for you.

My Home Inspection Report is provided in PDF format to my client. Printed reports are available at an additional charge. Generally the Report Delivery is sent via E-Mail. The timing of the Report will be as discussed with my Client, usually within a coupls days. This allows me to review the report, as well as including pictures from multiple devices. Double checking your Home Inspection Report for you is important to me. I want you to have the best possible Home Inspection Report.

I believe my concern for my client combined with my concientious inspection attitude and my attention to detail will provide you with a Home Inspection Report that is a great value. 
My Promise to You​​

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult.  Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and, yes, different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work -- a lot of work.

Ultimately, a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort.  If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort.  This I promise you.

In Your Service,
Donald Veeder
Donald Veeder 
Provident Home Inspection LLC