Inspection backed by
a Technical Architectural Degree
Inspection backed by Residential Project Management Experience 
Inspection backed by 
Training at the Industry's Best School
Education, Experience and Training​
Having an Associates Degree in Architecture has helped me work in the industry of home planning and construction for many years. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the design, engineering and building of over 2000 homes, as well as many multi-family and commercial buildings.

My home construction knowledge has been practical in nature. This has helped me determine how and why various aspects of a home should be constructed or maintained in a certain manner.

Project managment experience includes home design, construction and renovation, developing company design protocols and standards, multi-family projects and commercial building retrofits.

This brings me to the discipline of Home Inspection. The training for my Home Inspector License was completed at the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. I am very pleased to be able to offer the service of home inspection to you, which is such a perfect fit my experience.
Providing "peace of mind" for you in your future home
The "Provident" Home Report
Our Home Inspection Reports are written with the "InspectIT" reporting software. It is concise and easy to read. We are diligent in providing a very informative home inspection report, accurate without excessive length. 
Services Offered
We are pleased to offer Home Inspection Services. Additionally we can test the home for Radon Gas and provide Potable Water Testing. We also have coordinated with a Mold Testing Company if there any concerns regarding potential mold.
We are ready, respectful and responsive!​​​​
Provident is defined as; providing carefully for the future. Provident Home Inspection helps the home buyer provide for thier future by equipping them with a home inspection that is comprehensive and to the point. 
We would like to be your home inspector

Helping Others

We believe it is important to help others.

Our support goes out to law enforcement personel. We providing a discount for the inspection of the primary residence for all law inforcement personel.  

Our support goes out to our military veterans. If you have served our country in a branch of the United States Military, we will provide a discount for the inspection of your primary residence.

We also support an organization that is working  to make the world a better place. A donation is sent to "World Relief" for every home inspection we complete. This organization provides help in the way of disaster relief and community support for areas of the world that suffer with war and violence.

And we also provide a discount for the inspection of the primary residence for all retired people.